Foreign Market Entry

We offer clients a range of options for market entry and reducing customer acquisition costs:

  1. We offer distributor and/or reseller agreements for foreign markets, this includes translation, localization, and partner search

  2. We build out your infrastructure for foreign markets and partners and we present you with different plans to do so based on objectives, risks, and time horizons

  3. If the first two options do not apply, then we can work with your team on whatever sticking points they are trying to overcome, particularly: regulatory, legal, pricing, tax and accounting, partner search, talent acquisition, payments, establishment or employer-of-record, and more

Market & Competitive Analysis

To justify investment in foreign market operations we need empirical assessments of foreign market opportunities and challenges, although the objectives of these reports vary based on the project. We identify foreign market opportunities in absolute and relative measures by drawing on hundreds of public and private datasets and thousands of variables, including demand indicators, industry data, and demographic profiles. We assess foreign market challenges by creating detailed inventory of the competition and customer acquisition costs. All of these data points are necessary to develop foreign market entry strategies and then pick the best ones.

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